Structural changes to the site

I’ve gone back to putting all the posts about actual games to the custom post type “game”. I’ve had this before, but changed it to a category. Now though, it isn’t working anymore.

The reason for this is that I added a page with a table containing all the games that I have in my collection and I have on my wish list. I use the TablePress plugin for this. I don’t know if I want to link all the games in this table to the actual posts about the games yet. That will be a lot of work. And it also means a duplication. But the table is convenient now that my collection is growing. It’s much faster to put all the games in the table than to generate separate posts about them. An additional benefit of the table is that it provides easy sorting and filtering.

The conversion of posts to custom posts means that the slider of the hitmag magazine template doesn’t work anymore. The slider showed all the posts in the “currently busy with” category. But it doesn’t work out of the box with custom post types. Maybe I can get around this somehow. I feel like the site is missing something without the slider. On the other hand, it was difficult to keep this up-to-date, as i’m playing a lot of games. Maybe I should just put other posts in the slider, like my computer systems, or random games (if this is possible).

The conversion naturally messed up the site. To fix it I’ve had to put the has_archive property of the custom post type to true. This can easily be done using the excellent CPT UI plugin. I also had to change the archive slug to plural “games” instead of the singular “game”.

Next, I had to adjust the template of the games page to “games” also. Or maybe, I didn’t need to do that. But I’d changed some things, so I had to put it back to this.

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