King’s Quest I with a nice surprise

I bought a boxed copy of King’s Quest : Quest for the Crown for the Atari ST. I remember some time ago, when I wrote that I had sinned because I bought an Atari ST game instead of the Amiga version. Now I’ve totally stepped around that, as I’ve lost count of how many games I have for the platform. It doesn’t really matter for which platform a game is, because I enjoy the box and it’s contents and when I want to play it I simply download a version for the platform that I want to play it on, or get it for cheap on gog.

descibe box KQ1…

I bought it with Sim City, also for the Atari ST. Also in a very nice package. But I’m probably going to sell it because I want to keep my collection as focused as possible. I never played Sim City back in the day. The only game that I have played that comes a little bit close is Civilization. Of which I do own a nice collection of part one to four. But I’ll probably want a big box of the first game at some time in the future as well…

The seller had a surprise for me: He also stuffed some other games in the box, namely:

  • A steelbook of Assassin’s Creed. Nice package, but I’m also going to sell this.
  • Gabriel Knight 3: Already got this, but when I checked the inside of the box I noticed that it had a booklet that I didn’t have yet in the copy that I already had. Score!
  • And the biggest surprise: Cruise for a Corpse. I’ve wanted to get my hands on a copy again. This was one of the games that have had before but sold. Nice!

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