Gaming during the weekend: Dragon Age Inquisition and kissed Miss Voss

I went to some empty place in Dragon Age Inquisition. With a bunch of grouped enemies that were too high level. Too bad that you can see that in the description. Kind of makes it feel too much like an mmo rpg. Breaks immersion. This game needs more settings to customize it to your liking.

Now I’m at the exalted plains. I’m a little over leveled for this area which makes it a bit too easy. I’ve been here before with a previous character. It’s a very cool area. Just as the rainy storm coast. I’ve cleared almost the entire area over the weekend. But I’ve set a marker to repair a bridge and excavate a mine. This probably opens more areas up after a while. I’m going to go back to my castle after the weekend and see where I can go next.

I’ve played around with Wishbringer over the weekend. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s funny. I was helped with the first puzzle by the game mentioning that I should probably draw a map. I did, but the path was so simple to follow that I soon wondered why I would need to do it. But sure enough, it turned out that I needed a map to retrace my steps.

After the first twist, everything became a bit harder. There are multiple ways to die an easy death. Either by a malicious fog, by being tortured to death in the Tower, or by being attacked by a hellhound. It can be very satisfying to figure out how to proceed. I managed to find a secluded spot that reminded me of an earlier Infocom game. Not that I played much more of that game than the area. It resulted in being followed around by a happy but weird puppy that didn’t help me at all. After that I managed to evade an angry spirit through a tunnel in a grave. Which let me to the lair of a Grue. I finally met a Grue! And then its mother killed me…

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