TSoMI back in da house!

Yes! It has finally happened: I have got my hands on The Secret of Monkey Island again. It’s the Amiga version and the box, although not as good as most of the other LucasArts adventure games I’ve got, looks great enough. While reading the sparse manual and factsheet, I noticed all the helpful keyboard shortcuts. One of them CTRL+R lets you reposition the screen instantly. This would have been helpful to know when I played the game for the first time. It was the MS-DOS version on my KCS Power PC Board in my Amiga 500. Boy, that was a slow experience. One that let me to consider a IBM PC to replace my Amiga.

Other new assets are a nice folio with Larry 1-6. And of course Black Dawn Rebirth for Amiga. Look at that cute little box! I have some problems playing it from hard disk, because of a missing mem.library, but playing from floppies works fine.

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