Great gaming weekend

Played some more Dragon Age Inquisition, King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember, Nono Pixie, Treasure Tracker and Planetfall.

The first chapter of King’s Quest is free to play, so I thought that I had to try it out. It’s a fun adventure game and it makes me want to play the old King’s Quest games. Back in the nineties, I remember spending some time with I guess it was King’s Quest VII, but I wasn’t hooked.

The puzzles of this new game seem simple enough, so I don’t know if I want to play more then one part. The graphics are very nice and the characters interesting and funny. One part felt a bit too much like Dragon’s Lair for my liking, but the witty dialog surrounding those parts make up for it.

I started with Planetfall and managed to get myself locked up and killed after a few minutes with zero points to my name. The second try wasn’t much better and resulted in drowning and a meagre three points. I hope the rest of this game does not cause too many deaths, because that would also be too much like Dragon’s Lair.

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