Dune 2000

I’m not really into RTS, but I did enjoy the early offerings in the genre, like Warcraft I and II. And of course Dune I and II to begin with. Dune rulez! While I have played other Dune game, like Super Dune II and Emperor: Battle for Dune, I never did play Dune 2000. So, when I saw this game for cheap, I decided to pick it up. I’ve played a little Dune II recently and it would be nice to compare it to it’s successor.

I also saw someone offering the original Command and Conquer. And while that was a game I only played for a very little bit it is were my experiences with RTS ended, so I would still like to own a copy. But I’ve got to pace myself, because I’ve bought a lot of games recently. And I understand that they’re currently working on a whole remaster of the original series and it will be interesting to see what that’s all about.