A diverse gaming weekend with some ramblings about joysticks

Played some Mega lo Mania, The Outer Worlds, Broken Age, Day of the Tentacle, Sam’s Journey and Doc Cosmos. The latter to test a Suzo The Arcade joystick that I bought. Sadly, it doesn’t work properly because the connector fails sometimes. I have three others that also don’t function 100%. Sometimes a direction isn’t registered. In case of the new joystick it’s double sad that the connectors of the lead are soldered onto the board instead of connected with a removable pin that some models have. Maybe, I can put together one functioning from those three. I have one that works like a charm. Luckily that one also feels the most responsive and has the least wiggle room.

I’m still on the fence about buying a new joystick for retro computers. May the Arcade Revolution from AmigaKit. But I’m hesitant because I don’t know how the joystick feels (how much travel it has). Or maybe the Mini Monster Retro Gaming Joystick. That way, you can always replace the joystick. But I’m hesitant about that one, because I don’t much like the housing with it’s sharp edges. I’ve decided to wait for the release of The C64 that comes with new and improved Competition Pro joysticks. May that will be the solution.

I played Broken Age on Ps4, after I got the big box for Windows. I thought that it would be fun to play it with my daughter, and it is. Although she cannot understand all of it because it’s in English.

I played some Sam’s Journey after I read on the iComp forum how to properly setup disk images with the Turbo Chameleon 64 and saving the game. That involves remapping the left button to swap disks, mounting the four disks to drive 1, 2, 3 and 4 and most importantly, resetting after a play session at which point the Chameleon asks if you want to update the image. Don’t just cut the power!

I’m mildly enjoying The Outer Worlds. It certainly doesn’t give me the same feeling of wonder and suspense that Fallout 3 gave me. It’s just to clean and streamlined for that. I’m realizing that the menu system on the Pipboy in Fallout does much to avoid breaking the immersion of browsing through menus. But, maybe it’s also that this setting is losing it’s wonder. Fallout 4 also did less for me than Fallout 3 did. I wonder if the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game to which I’m looking forward will have me immersed as much as I hope after having played The Outer Worlds.

One thing I love about The Outer Worlds is the setting on space stations, ships and planets.
I certainly wish I could fly that spacecraft by myself…

It makes me wonder whether I should try Mass Effect again. I remember that I didn’t much like it after just a few hours back in the day.

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