A whole bunch of Infocom games

I bought a whole bunch of Infocom games. These are the Mastertronic releases for the Amiga. They come in cute little boxes that a re just a little larger than a 3,5 inch floppy disk and contain a thin manual. Apart from Zork I that also contains a map, there aren’t any feelies included. I did hesitate a little bit about getting these games, because I would much rather have the bigger box versions. But that also means a greater expense. Maybe someday I will try to get the bigger box versions, but in the meantime these little boxes will fill the gap.

There are also only ten of these games released like this. So, it’s not too difficult to acquire a complete set. The list is as follows with the ones I have in bold:

  1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  2. Zork I
  3. Planetfall
  4. Wishbringer
  5. Leather Goddesses of Phobos
  6. Enchanter
  7. Sorcerer
  8. Zork II
  9. Zork III
  10. Deadline

I would very much like to start with an easy one like Wishbringer, so I will make a priority of getting my hands on that one. I think I would benefit from some more experience in playing these games, because I’ve been stuck in Suspended for quite a while now and I think I will put that one on hold for now.

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