Move over books, make room for games

Now that I’ve doubled the amount of games in a relatively short while the shelving solution above my desk is becoming too small. I had to remove the few remaining books that I have left to make some more room.

These books are the only ones that are left over from the whole case full of books that I had a few years ago. After I switched fully to ebooks, I decided to sell all my books except these. I kept them because these books are the most important ones for me. My contact with science fiction was through Asimov. I love the Foundation series and the Robot series. Dune is probably the best book I’ve read and I love the whole series. Most notably missing here are the first three Dune books, I don’t know where they are. Oh, and all the Discworld novels. I’m kinda sad that I sold those because they had great cover art. There are also the books from A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m curious if these series ever will get finishes and I know I’m not the only one :).

Other great series that I’ve read are the books of the Malazan Empire, most of the trilogies by Robin Hobb, The Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archive and The First Law.

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