Ask me about Loom

As I’m serious about collecting the old LucasArts adventures now, I’d like to show off my newest addition: Loom. It comes in a very good condition with the cassette tape. That allowed me to try to play it in my Sharp WQ-T234 cassette recorder. The sound in the first tape deck is okay-ish, but the second deck not so much. It probably needs cleaning. Also, the rewind button cannot be pressed down. So either it’s broken, or I’m doing something wrong. It’s possible. This is mighty complicated technology we’re talking about after all.

Look at how that Loom fits in nicely with its siblings. And also notice how good that big box version of Broken Age looks.

I also got my hands on the big box release of Broken Age to replace the Double Fine Adventure foldout that I had. The foldout is actually inside the big box and not much else besides that. Only cards with artwork on it. No other goodies inside sadly.

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