The accumulator’s quandary: Games in different languages

I’ve read a very interesting article on game collecting that has to resonate with a lot of collectors. It certainly did for me. The collecting of computer video games and has several aspects that, although not entirely unique for games, are tiresome. I have for instance a few copies of video games in different languages: A Dutch version of Might and Magic VII, a French version of Discworld II, a German version of The Curse of Monkey Island.

Some, like the Thai(!) version of Gothic II has a bit of a sentimental value, because I ordered this version from some website for cheap, when I couldn’t get it anywhere else. The packaging is in Thai, but the game and the manual are in English. Shipping of the game took ages. This was way before ordering from the far east was simple.

I sometimes wonder if I should get all my games in English, but where does that stop? Should I also get all the games for only one platform? I now have LucasArts adventure games for IBM PC and Amiga, Atari ST. Would it bring me more joy if I had them all for one platform? I don’t think so.

And what about the state the games are in? Should I sell some games that are a bit battered and only get (near-)mint exemplars? I think it would be best if I don’t overthink it too much and simply enjoy playing and collecting or else I’m in risk of “venturing on the path of overcompensation”. And I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, now do I?

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