Big Brother isn’t the seventh robot. But FRED is

Poet and Sensa, managed to open the cage in Gamma Repair with the help from Whiz. It tuns out that Sensa can turn the flowswitch and that opens a panel. It is revealed that the seventh robot, that Poet calls FRED is inside. The AP mentions that some parts may be salvageable, but I don’t see how.

Sensa also managed to plug the transmitter found in the Biology Laboratory into the small hole in the Primary Channel. The AP mentions that this will help Iris read the sign (ACS as Whiz calls it) in the Primary Channel. Apparently, the sign shows the access code needed for resetting the FC. After plugging in, the connection with Iris is confirmed, but I don’t know what to do now.

Another thing that I found out, was that the Maintenance Access contains a fan. Maybe that fan spreads the acidic cooling fluid into the area above, and maybe it can be switched off somehow.

Auda, learned a lot by listening to the humans. They drop a toolbag which they need. The robots can take the toolbag from them, but they notice every time and take it back from them. I thought to outsmart them by taking the toolbag and fleeing with the car, but that hasn’t worked yet.

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