Suspended: I found out some cool things

I found out some cool things. Like I discovered that I could make the robots go down the step in the Hallway Junction by putting a ramp over it (Waldo calls it a wedge), that I found in the Sub Supply Room. Sensa found out that the Maintenance Area has acid gas in it that rises to the Cavernous Chamber above and prevents the robots from reaching the FC’s. I need a robot that’s resistant to acid. Waldo, found a camera (“sphere”) in the Biological Area that’ll probably come in handy to reach the FCs. Iris identified it as such and Whiz found out that it needs to be plugged in somewhere.

Also, I’m apparently in a cylinder in the main chamber, and when I make them open the door, I’m dead. That’s probably exactly what the humans are trying to do, replace me with one of the clones. Auda heard them talking. They actually pity me and think I’m insane. I actually made Auda, Waldo and Poet follow them and learned a lot about what they were doing. When I tried to make the robots kill them, they just laughed and just turned the robots off.

Finally, Poet discovered a seventh robot in the Small Supply Room (he calls it a Big Brother). He also noticed that the humans take a toolbag from the robot. Auda overheard the humans say that they needed some sleep and Poet noticed that they put the toolbag on the floor before they went to bed. When he tried to take it, however, they noticed him and took it from him. I wonder if he can get away with it. Maybe he needs to wait a bit longer for them to actually fall asleep. Or maybe he can take it and make for the car. Auda heard them say that without the bag, they cannot do anything.

My main priority however is to get the seventh robot up and running, because he’s apparently able to get into the acid infected area. The camera will probably be useful for him. It did some recognizance already and there are some cables that can be replaced between the FC’s.

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