Maze annoyances in Kyrandia

After being stuck in Suspended for a while, I decided that I wanted to take a break. I started with The Legend of Kyrandia – Book One, that I got my hands on again a while ago. I have played it a couple of years ago, but gave up quite quickly and I think I can see at what point that must have been, namely the random gemstone thing. You see, Brandon has to place some gemstones in the correct order on an altar, but it’s not made clear that he has to do that and why he has to do that. So that’s poor game design. But it’s not too difficult, so I have decided to go on with it. After that there follow some more logical puzzles, that are mildly fun to solve, until you get to a maze. Initially, figuring out what to do there was quite fun, but it gets tedious after a while. The maze is simply too large. Another poor decision on game design. Especially when I got stuck finding the last piece of the puzzle that came down to pixel-hunting, my eternal bane!

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