Collecting craze

Okay, maybe I went a bit overboard. Not only did I buy The Legend of Kyrandia (again), but I also bought Dungeon Keeper (again). The seller of Dungeon Keeper also had other interesting games, so I also picked up Lands of Lore 2 and Gabriel Knight 3. Finally, I bought a copy of Putty for the Amiga. And picked up Pinball Fantasies from the same seller.

Putty was one of the two very first games that I bought, back in the day. Along with Dune II. Sadly, I lost both of those games when I loaned them out to a classmate that didn’t give them back before moving away. I remember reading about Putty in my favorite magazine, Hoog Spel, and I liked it some much that I just had to have it. I actually played through the whole game. Something which I don’t think I’m able to to again.

During my second retro revival period, some fifteen years ago, I actually bought a copy of Putty again, only to sell it along with many other games after a few years. I didn’t have a copy of Pinball Fantasies before, but I have owned a copy of Pinball Dreams before. I much prefer Fantasies over Dreams, however. So while I may get Dreams again someday, I’m very glad that I now have Fantasies.

I guess, now I have to keep a lookout for Gabriel Knight 2 and Lands of Lore 1. I’ve owned a copy of Gabriel Knight 2 at one time, but sold it. It could be, however, that I only had the jewel case.

I’m curious whether I will be playing Lands of Lore someday. But I’m definitely enjoying Dungeon Keeper. I played for a few hours and I’m definitely planning on playing some more.

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