Dungeon Keeper FX and some more Broken Sword

After playing a few levels of Dungeon Keeper on a Raspberry Pi I was curious how it would play on a faster system. I didn’t get the original copy working on Windows 10 however (it wouldn’t install), so I tried it again with the fan made enhancement Dungeon Keeper FX. That worked and although I can’t get a resolution of 1920×1080 to work, the resolution is certainly higher than the original and it runs much smoother. I restricted the speed to 10 turns per second and now the speed feels right. Maybe if things will get too hectic, I will turn it even slower.

I also played some more Broken Sword today. I consulted a solution at two times, because I didn’t notice a crack in the wall that George had to use. I guess it’s not entirely a pixel hunting thing, because in hindsight you can figure out that you have to do something with the wall. Also, I looked up how to fool the goat. The game gives you visual clues what the solution might be and it turned out that I was on the right track, but I just hadn’t tried it long enough I guess.

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