Guess who’s back? Zak again

I know that last time I wrote about Zak McKracken I said that I gave up on it. But something kept nagging me in the back of my mind and I had one more go at it. This let me proceed a little further and after that I proceeded with the rest of the game.

I turned out that I hadn’t paid enough attention (again) to my surroundings and that I could pick up a ladder. I looked this up on the Universal Hint System which let’s you see some hints without spoiling the whole game for you. I probably didn’t notice that I could pick it up in the first place, because when you walk in the room where it is, chances are high that you automatically climb the ladder. Anyway, I knew immediately what to do with the ladder but I didn’t succeed because I had written down the wrong sequence. I know the guy that gave it to me had said that I could get it again and that it would cost me, but I didn’t know how to get him to show it to me again. So I had to go back to previous save from quite a while back (again) and that did the trick.

After looking once or twice at the UHS, I did succeed in getting all the parts I needed for the device. And after that it was just a few steps more to get to the ending. It was a very cool ending, albeit a little short. I left the ending running for at least half an hour while listening to the music before turning it off. Bye bye Zak! It was fun and it feels great that I can finally say that I have played through the whole game. The next adventure game that I will be playing, after I finish the rest of Full Throttle, will probably be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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