Game update: YL, TP, Dfall

Just an update on some of the games I’ve played:

First up is Yooka-Laylee. Did some more world 4. I don’t particularly like the casino setting. I couldn’t enter world 5 yet and spent most of my pages expanding world 2. An already big world made even bigger. I don’t think I will get enough pages to enter world 5, because I don’t like some of the pagies. The minecart races for example. And the Arcade games. And getting though the hoops. Quite a lot actually.

Next up is Twilight Princess. The higher resolution just make everything so much clearer! I remember the original as a murky mess. Especially in the dark areas which are in abundance as per the title suggests. But now I can see where I have to go. And the controls are so much nicer.

And finally, I’ve played some more Daggerfall. I’ve completed the first step of the main quest. Next up is talking to the rulers of the most important areas. I went back to the city of Daggerfall, but the king won’t talk to me. I wonder what I’ve got to do to make him listen. I’ve picked up a few more quests from important looking sycophants at the court. I guess, I will do some of those before going to another area to speak to its king of queen. Wayrest sounds nice. With an interesting queen.

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