More Knee Knibblio in ESO and some Zak

Knee Knibblio (the dark elf cousin of the goblin Kneeknibble) has done some more mainquesting in the Morrowind expansion of ESO. He had to find out stuff in three different locations. He’s done that and reported back to his new best living God friend Vivec. The follow-up quest has him pitted against a foe that is too powerful for him. That’s nice, because it’s the first time that he has had the feeling that he needs to do some improving before he can continue. This was sorely lacking up until now. Hopefully he’ll succeed and have the feeling that he actually accomplished something.

On another note, I turned on my new Amiga 1200 shell with Raspberry Pi inside and wanted to play something new (well actually old; only new for me). So I tried Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. It’s nice enough to experience some classic LucasArts again. I like the humor and the subject matter, although it’s very reminiscent of Maniac Mansion. I don’t know if I will finish it though. Right now I’m stuck and although I know what I have to do next (light the fire in the dark cave), I don’t know how to get hold of the necessary tools to accomplish this mean feat. I’ll probably have to find a lighter somewhere, but the game doesn’t show me where I can find one. It’s obvious that I have to create some kind of distraction on the airplane and maybe then I can get a hold of a lighter. But it’s not very clear. The game would be better if it has clearer objectives. I think I’ll persist somewhat longer, but when I find more of these same issues I’ll probably call it a day.

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