What’s that? Another Amiga?

“An Amiga 1200? And I thought you had said that you would only focus on the Amiga 500 and not on other models. You said that you have had other models before and you got bored with them because they lack that nostalgic feeling you have with the 500. And now you have a 1200 again? And it was probably very expensive! What’s the deal man?!”

“I know what it looks like, but it’s not like that. Please let m explain.”

Some time ago (it feels like very long ago, but that’s the deal with crowdfunding I guess.), I backed a campaign about new Amiga cases. Sadly, they only offered new Amiga 1200 cases and not new cases for the Amiga 500. But I was determined to not let this one slip by me, because I was still a little bit frustrated that I had missed the campaign about new cases for the C64. After that I also backed the campaign for new Amiga keyboard keycaps. I’m still waiting for my special edition.

I meant to but a Raspberry Pi inside to make this my retro home computer emulator. But I knew I had a little problem, because I didn’t have an Amiga 1200 keyboard. I worried that I would have to try to fit an Amiga 500 keyboard inside. So I kept an eye out for Amiga 1200 keyboard. I bid a few times on local ads, but that didn’t work out. Until last week when I snapped up an Amiga 1200 case with a keyboard. I figured that I could always sell the case again when I get my new Kickstarter case. And who knows, maybe if they also offer new keyboards in the future, I can sell the keyboard again.

I the mean time I threw my Raspberry Pi 3 in the case, along with a Keyrah V2 and it works out of the box. It’s still a bit messy, because all the parts and cables just float around in it. But I’m confident that this will be resolved in the new case eventually.

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