Palm Tungsten T3

From my first wages from my first real job, the first major gadget that I bought was a Palm Tungsten T pda. I was drooling over it for some time and I just wanted to have it, even if it meant spending too much money on it. I absolutely loved it. The compact design, the smart way in which you could operate it with just using one button. Of course the fact that I could already write Grafitti fluidly helped a lot. I had used a Palm M100 which I had been given to hone my skills on.

Ultimately, it turned out I had relatively few appointments in my new job and I used the PIM features way less than such an professional device deserved. I did read a lot of ebooks on it though. And of course played a few games on it as well. Such as Sokoban, Bejeweled, Legacy and The Quest.

After a few years I moved on the the Windows Mobile camp. I had an HP Jornada and an ASUS MyPal. I sold my beloved Tungsten T and recently I started to have the feeling that I wanted to own one again. Back when I had the original Tungsten T, I would read ads about the T2 and the T3 and I very much wanted to have those because of the improved screens. So when I saw a T3 on offer for cheap, I couldn’t resist and bid on it. Of course the battery was totally shot. So, I ordered a new battery and then came the issue of how to open the thing up. I ordered a really cool tool to open digital devices which has a really cool name that I forgot and with some help from YouTube I set to work. It’s really cool to see these by now old videos about such an old device btw. After replacing the battery and adding a few scratches to the device it works great again.

The following issue was to figure out how to put apps on the thing. That’s not so simply because modern operating systems don’t like these old devices. I read somewhere that there are some ways to manage this with obscure drivers, but I choose to try to make a Bluetooth connection which I was surprised to find worked after a couple of tries. The way I did this was to make a new connection on the device and add a pin code. After I added this code on the PC side the syncing process worked.
I also installed Palm Desktop for Windows 10 from CompanionLink Software.

And here it is: I’m playing Kyle’s Quest on a Palm Tungsten T3 in 2019. How cool is that! The next thing I want to try is to put ScummVM on it and play some point-and-click adventure games. That works really well with a stylus, as I experienced with the Samsung Note 4.

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