Playing some Alter Ego while tinkering with Amiga settings

I’ve installed some more Amiga software, namely BetterWB and X-Bench. Also, I’ve tried the new firmware for the Indivion ECS v2. There is an added configuration for a resolution with overscan. But I don’t get the desired results with it just yet.

To try out the screen settings I played some more Alter Ego. I started with the C64 version, but after trying the NES and the Amiga port, I decided to continue playing on the Amiga. Especially as there’s a trainer that let’s you skip levels which is essential for my enjoyment. I just want to figure out each level and move on to a different game. I don’t understand why developers don’t get that. Well, a few do, as Worthy has that precise mechanic built in. And I guess that old games like Lemmings and The Lost Vikings have that also, albeit with codes instead of choosing the level. But with codes, I still get the feeling that developers don’t want you to cheat by skipping right to the end. But that isn’t how it works because as soon as a game was released all the codes would be available in the internet of 25 years ago: magazines.

Anyway, after much searching I found the trained version and played right to the end. There aren’t too many levels, so I guess I could have gone without the trainer after all. But I’m not sure that I’ve seen them all, because there’s later versions of the game without a trainer that maybe have more levels. But I’ll leave it at this for now. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. And I didn’t even miss my scanlines…

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