Amiga dual lcd setup

Today I hooked up both of my Benq BL702A monitors to my Amiga 500. One through RGB and one through the Indivision ECS V2. I was surprised to see how much better the Indivision output looked compared to RGB. In my mind, the RGB output already was very good, but the Indivision was better although I wasn’t very happy with the result of the Indivision up until now. That gave me some hope that I could get the final things that bothered me out of the way also.

I’d read on the iComp forum that not only did I need the new version of the Indivision software drivers, but I also had to flash the firmware and that could be done via the menu. I’m so unused to Workbench, that I often forget that programs have a menu of their own. So after I flashed it, I once again selected the new sceenmode with overscan. That still left a lot to be desired, because the resolution isn’t native to the monitor. I tried once again to select 640×512, after I made sure that I made a copy of the predefined one. In the options I selected a 1280×1024@50Hz VGA resolution. I choose scanlines (25%). And fired up Pinball Fantasies. I could directly compare the output with the RGB monitor and I still noticed a lot of the table fell off the screen. I then let the monitor auto adjust itself and voila, everything fit on the screen! Only the top few pixels still fell off, but that was easily remedied by aligning the vertical position through the menu of the monitor. The only thing I noticed that the monitor says that it has selected a resolution of 1920×1080 instead of the preferred resolution of 1280×1024. That was something that someone on the EAB forums also had noticed. I can’t be bothered by this very much, because the picture looks very good to me. Compared to the RGB output the dimensions looks quite the same; circles are circles. And scrolling is smooth. I’m finally happy and I hope that it stays that way. Below is a picture of the Indivision setting so that I can always find them if I need to.

Now that I have done this, I will proceed with copying a lot of WHDLoad games over to the cf card. Notice that I’ve installed BetterWB and the WHDLoad icons look very nice now. As nice as they can get with only 16 colors. I don’t know why I didn’t install BestWB. I don’t know what the difference is, but it seems like BestWB is newer than BetterWB. Last week I also installed X-Bench, so I’ll probably wont use Workbench very much once all the games are copied over.

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