And platform! A Wii fightstick for retro computer emulation

Yesterday I received the Wii (U) to USB adapter that I ordered to replace the Mayflash one that I already had and that did not work on my RetroPie setup. So today I could not wait to try it out. I hooked up the Tatsunoko vs Capcom fight stick via the adapter to the Raspberry Pi and set it up in Emulation Station. I then downloaded the NES version of Alter Ego and voila: nice joystick controls for the RetroPie setup. Of course, I have the bartop arcade with RetroPie already, so I don’t have much use for a joystick on the raspberry pi setup which I’ll be mainly using for retro computer use., but it’s always handy to have different options. For non-keyboard and mouse controls, I’ll probably will want to use the 8BitDo SNES controller for this setup. And maybe, I’ll get an USB-Amiga/C64 converter that will allow me to use the Wii gamepad pro and/or the TvC fight stick to replace my beloved but aging The Arcade joysticks. The are not responding as well as the used to.

Anyway , before I knew it I was busy enjoying Alter Ego. I also installed the Amiga version, so now I can compare the three different versions. Everything on the C64 version looks much smaller. Also the background isn’t as nice as the NES and the Amiga version. The controls also feel a bit sluggish. Finally, it’s missing the name of the levels. on top of the screen. The Amiga version looks quite similar to the NES version. It also has a nice playing speed. A cool extra is that the game says “no” when you try to switch characters while your turns are depleted.

The picture through the Indivision ECS v2 still isn’t to my liking. There is a new version of the software available though, so I’ll have to try that.

As I understand it, Alter Ego was first developed for the ZX Spectrum and later ported to PC, NES and Android, before a C64 and Amiga version became available. Ultimately, I want to get more into the ZX Spectrum and I want to try that version too. First on the RetroPie and hopefully next on the Turbo Chameleon V2.

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