Ultima VII: The Black Gate

I never played this game back when it came out. My first encounter with the Ultima games started with part II: The Serpent Gate. This was a revelation to me at the time. It was probably my first RPG and I could get lost wandering for hours through forest and along mountain ridges. I found it too difficult to finish due to it’s long nature and because I didn’t know how to play these types of games back then, meaning that you have to keep a journal of some sorts. Also, the game is a bit too heavy on the place the thingy on the thingamabob in order to retrieve that other thing that has to be placed on the green pedestal, etc. Anyway, let’s leave the “review” for part II where it belongs.

I only played part I after I played both the Underworlds and maybe even after Pagan, I don’t remember exactly. I do remember that I finished it using a walkthrough and that I always want to go through it once again. I started doing that two years ago during a vacation on a small laptop, but never got very far.