The Avatar: a person of weak character

A member of The Fellowship, albeit a very young member, accused the Avatar of being a person of weak character at the Fellowship hall in Paws. That was funny. Further on in Britain, the avatar spoke to Lord British and gathered some quests while talking to a number of people in the castle. Among these was the finding of the avatar’s stuff (check) and talking to the major about the murder a few years back (check). That last one didn’t turn out to be very useful though. I’ll guess the avatar wants to go to the Blue Boar now.

  • Find thief


  • Talk to Prisoner from paws
  • Freed prisoner
  • Find spell book
  • Speak to major
  • Speak to shipwright
  • Go to Minoc
  • Talk to Jeanette of the blue boar about Charles
  • Talk to l Charles again
  • Follow Patterson to learn his secret
  • Steal teleportation stones from museum
  • Bring silver snake venom to Finster


  • Speak to king about inamo


  • Seek out rudiom
  • Deliver letter to lord Heather

  • Find Abraham and Elizabeth

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