RPi3 | Dosbox/ScummVM

This setup is still work in progress. I’m having it lie naked on my desk, because the standard enclosure is bad. It’s bad because you cannot easily extract the sd card and also when you put it back, chances are high that you slide the card somewhere in between the sd card slot and the enclosure.

I’m hoping to put this inside my new Amiga 1200 case which will arrive when the new Amiga keycaps are shipped. And then I’ll need to figure out a way to put a spare A500 keyboard inside the A1200 case. I’ll definitely need an adapter which I’ve seen for sale somewhere.

I’m messing with it right now though. I’ve installed Raspbian on it but I’ll probably switch to RetroPie, because of the nice shaders and scalers that libreto/RetroArch offers. I’m not getting nice results with the standard Dosbox video output. Without a fixed resolution the image is scaled too small (3x max) and with a fixed resolution the whole screen is filled, but I can’t enable shaders. Maybe I’ll try one more time with a lower fixed resolution and scale it up.
Also, the image doesn’t look quite as good with the shaders enabled (tv3x or rgb3x) as it does on my bartop arcade with the crt-pi (or something like that) shaders.

What’s holding me back is that I don’t like RetroArch so much. And I definitely want to be able to work with a desktop environment, but as I understand it RetroPie has the ability to start Pixel desktop. I’m interested to see how useful that is, because I really like the look and feel of the Raspbian desktop and the software that comes bundled with it.

But anyway, of course I got a bit sidetracked while testing out some games. I want to play through Ultima Underworld again. I noticed that 3000 cycles is a bit too slow, but something like 6000 is enough for a good gameplay experience.

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