I get the picture (on my Amiga)

After fiddling with the Indivision ECS V2 in my Amiga 500 for a couple of weeks, I finally got some nice output on the Benq BL702A monitor. I don’t know precisely what I did different from last time, but now it outputs PAL 640×256/512 @ 50Hz with some nice scanlines. And a nice flicker free high resolution Workbench. The output is 1280×1024 at what seems like 60Hz. Although the vertical resolution seems to be 50Hz, so that’s a bit confusing still. However, it looks good for now and I don’t notice any hickups, but I will look into getting the 60Hz down to 50 if needs be.

And also, there’s the case of overscan. But I don’t go there for now.

Anyway, now that it works and that I’ve got the Amiga 500 back together again, I can get around to copying a lot of games to it, messing around with NewIcons or some such. If I don’t get distracted by playing Pinball Fantasies and Dune II that is.

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