Ness finally did it! Earthbound != backlog

Ness finally finished his quest yesterday. Yeah! Great ending. Very satisfying.

Last time I had left Ness in the final area. And yesterday I made him reach the end boss for the first time. He quickly got killed because he and his friends didn’t have much PP left (and I thought that meant something at the time…). They had wasted it all on the meanies that barred the way to the final confrontation. They got healed up in the time travel machine and had another go. And got killed again. But third time’s the charm. I knew that all Ness’ tries were good for something, because it meant a few more levels for him and his friends. That made them blaze through the Star Men, Woolly Somethings and Self Healing Robots That Explode (so you have to make sure to finish them last) and reach the final boss(es) still quite healthy.

After two tries I figured out what the secret was to beating Giygas, which felt very satisfying btw. The way that played out was very cool, because it made me realize what Ness had went through in order to get there by showing us quite a few of the characters that we’d met. Halfway though that part of the fight, the game successfully tried to be clever and funny once more by giving the idea that it didn’t work after all. But by now we knew how things worked in Earthbound and gave it one more try. I just had to step in ;). Take that Giygas!

The ending after the final fight was very satisfying also. Friends saying goodbye, people you can talk to and that have something meaningful to say about beating Giygas. Getting back home and looking at all the pictures during the credits. That’s how you handle an ending!

Now it’s time to say goodbye and move on to another game that I’ve been playing for too long and didn’t finish yet: Zelda Majora’s Mask on 3DS. Although,… I fired up the SNES mini and started Earthbound just to get a feeling about how it all started. Because it was such a long time ago that I had started. It looked great on the big screen with scanlines enabled. Before I knew it, I had almost talked to everyone in Onett again. I must resist! If anything, I should get Mother 3 and play that and not start Earthbound all over again.

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