A weekend with some more Witcher 3, Shadow Switcher and Earthbound fun

I finally got Gerald a fully Mastercrafted Wolven armor and weapons set. It turned out I was missing some enhanced diagrams although the quest was completed. Could it be that I sold some of them. Anyway, Gerald looks good now. Also, because he got a haircut ans shave.

Geralt also completed the first wish of David Beckham and entertained his brother. He took him to a wedding which was a bit lame. But the brother seemed to have enjoyed himself.

Although Geralt didn’t want to, along the way he found Kluivert and killed his murderers.

I’m delighted that I have rediscovered the fun in playing the expansions to the Witcher 3.

I’ve played to more Shadow Switcher. This time from level one up until level twelve. Great fun. The game sets a very nice mood with the music and the color scheme.

Next up, Ness got quite along way in Earthbound. He defeated the super deluxe Starman underneath the standing stones. He did need three tries, because he was very under stocked the first times. Third time was the charm though, because the first two times causes several level ups and the third time Jeff had a lot of bottle rockets on him.

I wish I had played up until this point in a few days time instead of once in a while, because I’m not remembering everything very well. Luckily there’s a very handy hint system. And I figured out that I could teleport (doh!), which makes it actually quite an easy game to play if you just keep trying.

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