Amiga 500 put back together again

So tonight I finally got around to putting the Amiga 500 together again after I opened her up to install the Indivision ECS V2. I’ve put the vga connector in the case for the ACA500plus. The case came with an extra panel with a dsub connector just for this purpose.

I got a bit sidetracked when I saw Dune II on the hard disk (compact flash actually) and I played the second level. The Amiga version is actually quite good. It has speech and the controls are nice. You can scroll around the map with either the arrow keys, the mouse and dragging the mini map.

While waiting for the harvester to gather enough spice, I tried searching the internet again about the trouble with the Prefs. I found a clue on the Amibay forum where someone apparently had the same problem. It was suggested to remove TinyLauncher as it messes up the ENV: assign. I have to recreate the assign after TinyLauncher exists, before loadWB.

Now I just need to remember to copy the save from Dune II whenever I reinstall…

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