And now finally for some Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine

Because I apparently always have to be busy with at least one triple A game, I’m back to The Witcher 3 after finishing God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn before that. Some months ago, I already started a completely new game of The Witcher 3 from the beginning. The intention being that I would finally play the expansion packs, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. I thought that I needed to start over, because I probably couldn’t remember how to play the game properly at a higher level after being away from it for so long. I very much enjoyed the beginning, but I realized that I wouldn’t simply have the time to go through the entire game again. And then I decided to play God of War and I let The Witcher 3 for what it was. Now that that’s over with, I feel like now is the time to get around to the expansions. The reason also being that I tried to get into Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, but couldn’t. It annoyed me that I couldn’t get along with the controls (I kept climbing buildings unintentionally and pushing the wrong buttons during fights) and some of the quests annoyed me also (I kept losing the targets out of sight). I’m simply not in the mood to put enough time and effort in it to overcome these annoyances.

After installing the expansion packs, I decided to load the most recent save from before I finished the game more then two years ago. It dropped me right after the finale. Sadly, the most recent save before that, was one that was a bit too long before the finale, so I couldn’t get to watch my specific finale once more. Instead, I just watched some cut scenes from different endings on Youtube and I got the feeling back a bit.

I decided to first do some random quests that I hadn’t finished yet before I would start with Hearts of Stone. And after the first quest of the expansion I furthermore decided I would walk the large distances and clear some spots with question marks along the way to hone my skills. I’m really looking forward to playing the expansions and who knows, maybe after I finish them, I might even get back into the Frozen Wilds expansion from Horizon Zero Dawn.

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