Endings, I almost never like them. Bye God of War.

Kratos and Atreus just finished their main goal in God of War. Luckily there was a slight breeze that allowed the ashes of mother to float very nicely. Either too stiff a breeze or the absence of one entirely, would have been sub optimal as the ashes would have been blown away too fast or simply drop at their feet. It was also very lucky that the wind was blowing in the right direction as Kratos didn’t think about checking it first. It would have been very embarrassing if the ashes were all blown back in their faces.

Although satisfying, they didn’t expect that the final step would go so smooth as it did. Nobody stood in their way and they could just climb the highest peak and they were at the right spot. It felt a bit anti-climactic. Also, they didn’t get to meet any giants. The only giants they saw were either long dead or sleeping so hard that they had started to decay. And the ones they saw were just great big humanoids, not cool animals like the World Serpent.

I must say it was somewhat abrupt and underwhelming. I mean, I couldn’t believe this was the actual ending until the credits started rolling. The whole final scene was also just too peaceful. I mean, around every corner you get attacked, so I constantly expected to be ambushed while walking towards the final mountain peak. And once you get in the habit of having to get item X in order for item Y to work to get to area Z, than you can not believe that this is it. Is this the actual place we are supposed to be? For certain? I guess so.

Anyway, I’ve always been more a beginnings type of guy then an endings one. Endings almost always disappoint me. There’s always so much build up, and then it just fizzles out. I guess that with a game that is so focused on fighting, I expected just one more seriously big fight, just right before the ending. I never realized that the fight with Baldur was to be the final one. It was just one more time that scary bastard stood in our way and we had to fight him. The reveals right at the end were quite satisfying. I only wish that we would have seen some more of the reason why mother wanted her ashes scattered there. The place didn’t look like a nice place. So maybe she just wanted her remains to be with the others of her kind. Or maybe the scattering of her ashes would set something in motion. I would have liked it if we just had gotten a little bit more of an hint about that than the sparkling of her ashes.

Maybe I’ll write a little bit of a review of the game later.

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