Once upon a Wednesday in May in 2016 I started playing a game called Earthbound. Of course, I had heard a lot about it and although I don’t especially like Japanese rpgs, I reckoned I had to give this a try. I bought it in a sale on the Wii U virtual console and this allowed me to play it on the big screen tv and continue on the gamepad whenever the tv was occupied.

I played it for a couple of hours every day for a few weeks, but of course that isn’t enough to get through the whole game. For some reason or other I stopped playing for what turned out to be a long while, in my mind it was still on the “now playing” shelf. Most of the time when I pick a game up after such a long while, I can’t get into it and have to start over again. This time however, I knew that if I started over again I probably would not finish it again.

After I picked it up again, I enjoyed playing what turned out to be the second half of the game. Often, I would not quite remember what had happened exactly in the first half, so that was a bit annoying. At one time you have to get back to some inventor kid, Apple Kid or Orange Kid, but I didn’t remember why I had to or what had happened before.

Anyway, after 43 hours i had gone through the ending (that I loved) and I was looking at the credits.

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