Amiga 500

My current setup is an Amiga 500 (rev. 8 motherboard), with an early “space invaders” keyboard.

I got it second hand and it came with a Gotek drive installed. Sadly the housing is a bit cut away to accommodate the Gotek. It has both kickstart 1.3 and 3.1 installed with a switcher. There’s also a switch to enable or disable the 1.5 MB ram expansion. However, since updating the firmware of the ACA500plus the 1.8MB doesn’t get recognized anymore. I therefore replaced it with a KCS Power PC Board. Very nostalgic as I bought one back in the day also. Sadly, the real time clock doesn’t work and I haven’t been able to boot into DOS yet.

I’ve added a ACA500plus to the side in a plexiglass housing. The housing can accommodate a dsub connector on the back, which is very nice for the Indivision ECS v2.

It’s hooked up to either a Commodore 1084s monitor with the little flap on the front still attached, although a bit wobbly, or a Benq BL702A lcd monitor through a original Commodore VGA adapter.

I’ve replaced the internals of the tank mouse with a laser. This fits only in one of my tank mouses, which is a bummer, because the buttons on the other one feel much nicer. I usually play games with a The Arcade joystick made by Suzo.

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