I got this game a while ago and didn’t give it a shot, because it wouldn’t load properly from my Workbench. The screen is all garbled that way. Running from the Gotek drive as a regular ADF works fine though. And it even saves your progress, so I guess I’ll stick to that.

I played a few levels and it really is a fun game. Very well polished. The graphics are great and so is the music. And best of all, the controls are spot on. I was really enjoying it. Until I got to level 14. I spent 20 minutes trying to beat this level. And failed. I gave up, but I kept thinking about it and I think I figured out what the trick is. I will not spoil it, but I’ll try again later.

Yes! It worked! I figured it out. But it took me another 20 tries or so. It must not get any more difficult then this, because I’m afraid that I will have to quit if that is the case.

Luckily the next couple of levels were not as difficult. But now I’m stuck again. I wonder if I will try again later.

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