But my laptop is not powerful enough for Ultima Ascendant…

Steam reminded me that an item on my wishlist was now available: Ultima Ascendant. Yeah!

Me like, I want to play. So I watched some gameplay on Youtube. Looks cool, although I’m not so sure about the red lines around objects you can interact with. Seems to break immersion for me. Has a bit of an MMO vibe about it.

But then I realized that I probably couldn’t play the game, because my laptop isn’t powerful enough. Bummer. Somehow, I unconsciously thought that that wouldn’t be an issue. Probably because it’s the spiritual successor to such an old game.

I’ll probably wait a little longer for the PS4 version. Or maybe I should get a more powerful PC. Because that’s also what I did when Ultima Underworld originally came out.

And maybe I should make a list of games for which I’ve upgraded my PC in the past. Morrowind comes to mind, and so does Might and Magic VI. Or even The Secret of Monkey Island

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