New Nintendo 3DS XL

Just when I figured out what sort of gaming I wanted to do on vacation, I changed my mind and got a New Nintendo 3DS XL.

At some time I had a DS Lite and even a Gameboy Micro. Also for a vacation. Actually two different vacations. It turned out that I didn’t use them much and I gave them to family members who probably had more fun with them than I did.

Although the New 3DS XL is not very small, I got a grip for it so I don’t get too much cramp if I hold it longer than half an hour.

A major downside of the unit is that you cannot connect it to a large screen. How much fun would it be to play Ocarina of Time 3D or Majora’s Mask 3D on the big screen? Ah well, always something to complain I guess.

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