Commodore 64

My current setup consists of a Commodore 64 Reloaded MK1  in a transparant Kickstarter case (C64c-model). Connected to a flatscreen (5:4) tv through s-video.  I’ve removed the Commodore 1701 monitor from the desk and put it in storage. Although I like the image of the tube more than the flatscreen tv, I couldn’t stand the loud humming of the 1701 anymore. It’s probably dying…

I’ve installed JiffyDos in both the computer and the 1541-I diskdrive. However, I don’t use physical disks often and run most of the games from a SD2IEC device in a transparent case, or from a EasyFlash3 cartridge.

I like playing most of the games with a Suzo Arcade joystick and some select games with Atari paddles. For some games, I use a traditional SNES controller connected through a an adapter with the 64JPX joystick converter. I also use a C8D joystick port switcher. So the computer with all the adapters and connectors is quite wide and uses a lot of desk space.

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