Some quick arcade fun

I fired up the bartop arcade today and played some random games.

First up was Armored warriors. A beat ’em up in which you sit in a giant mech suit and go up against other mechs and robot and there a tiny people walking under foot and shooting at you. Fun for a while.

Nest up was Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Also a beat ’em up in which you play a guy that yells every time he throws a punch. Ridiculous. I quit.

And lastly, Anteater. This was the main reason I turned the arcade on. I recently played some Oil’s Well on my Commodore 64 after seeing some gameplay by tumaguro on YouTube. A game I absolutely love. Anteater was mentioned in the comments being the arcade original. It’s not quite as much fun as Oil’s Well though. I remember playing the Amiga version at one time. I have to check it out again.

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