Finished Alwa’s Awakening

I’m on vacation and that means it’s Evercade time. The place we’re staying doesn’t have wifi and my limited dataplan doesn’t allow for extensive YouTube or Netflix usage. That means it’s the perfect environment to sit down and concentrate on something like Alwa’s Awakening.

I continued where I left off a few months ago and it took me about five more hours to finish the game. Some parts were a bit tricky to figure out. At one point I thought I was stuck before I figured out there was a hole in the ceiling. At another point near the ending I came across three locked doors and I was afraid that I needed to back track across the entire game once again to collect them before I could finish it. At that point I was about to give up before I figured out that there was another way. I’m not a completionist and that shows in the final result. I collected only slightly more than half the orbs, 90 percent of the map and 75 percent of the items. I also save scummed like hell and still died 250 times. I liked the game very much although I would have liked it better if I’d played it on a bigger and better screen. The ending was too short. Let’s hope Cathedral has a better ending.

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