Evil Dungeon from RetroArts is a game for Commodore 64 written in BASIC with a physical release

Evil Dungeon from RetroArts is a new game released in 2023 for the Commodore 64. That in itself is amazing, but not that exceptional. There are of course other games being released for the old C64 in recent times. It has a physical release with a very nice presentation, especially considering it is a one man project without support from more established publishers on the scene. What makes it even more of a niche release is that it’s written in BASIC. I’ve already played a little bit of the game and was pleasantly surprised about the playability. I’m looking forward to spending more time on it and I’m happy that I can display it among my other new games for the C64.


    • Thanks for your comment. It must indeed be great to see people enjoy something that you created. I will make sure to always write EVIL DUNGEON in all caps 🙂

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