Sony Trinitron tv for MiSTer and Nintendo 64 to replace the B&O MX4000

I was never really happy with my B&O MX4000 for playing retro games on. The colors are too dim, I couldn’t get the settings right and it’s just awkward to use with it’s obscure remote. So when I saw someone close to where I live offering a Sony Trinitron, I jumped on it. My offer was accepted and I was very lucky because there was a lot of interest in it. But the buyer luckily didn’t retracted on the deal. This guy literally had it turned on in his living room when I got in. He told me he had been using it actively for the last 18 years. Incredible! He wasn’t very happy to let it go, but he needed a bigger television because he just couldn’t read the subtitles anymore.

The model is a Sony KV-29FX64B FD Trinitron Colour Television. It closely resembles the model I had in the mid 00’s. I think that was a KV-28FX66. It sure is a beast and it took a bit of effort to carry it up two flights of stairs. But I managed on my own and was proud of that fact. I’m not too old for this shit! It was certainly worth it, because the picture is a lot better, and bigger, than on the B&O.
I noticed that the alignment on the left side is slightly skewed. I don’t know if that is something that can be adjusted in a service menu or something. But it doesn’t bother me for the moment.

Because of the larger size I need to reorganize my gameroom yet again. Just when I put up some shelves above the old B&O. Oh well, that’s how it goes.

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