Star Post is a C64 game that plays great with paddles

A package arrived yesterday containing two games that I totally forgot about. I bought them back in November from the UK, but they arrived just now in Februari! What a nice surprise!

The two games are the cartridge versions of Radar Rat Race and Star Post for the Commodore 64. Both in their original carton box and with instructions. I already had a copy of Radar Rat Race, but without the actual cart. Star Post was the game I was on the lookout for. It’s a game I remember playing back in the day when I was a kid.

In Star Post you have to protect your base from incomming enemies (cubes?!, etc.) by gunning them down with your lazer beams. They come from eight directions around your base and you can only fire one direction at a time. When I play it nowadays, it always reminds me of deflecting the bouncing balls with your tiny shield in International Karate+.

When reading the manual, I was surprised to learn that you can play the game with paddles as well as with the keyboard or joystick. I always love playing games with paddles. So I immediately tried it out and while it takes some getting used to, it works wonders once you get accustomed to it.

Five cartridge games from Commodore

I now have five cartridge releases from Commodore in their original packaging. Four of them I played back in the day. The other two games are Tooth Invaders and Clowns. Only Pinball Spectacular I didn’t play. I will definitely keep a look out for other games that Commodore released in this series.

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