The Telwynium Part II: Round CRT effect plus curved LCD equals flat screen

I’m currently enjoying the excellent point-and-click successor to The Telwynium: Book One – Winter’s Dawn, The Telwynium: Book 2 – The Summer King. The story of the first game continues and it even has an excellent recap in case you’ve forgotten what happened in the first part. I love it so far. It has excellent retro style graphics, great and funny characters and texts, immersive descriptions and locales, an intuitive interface and good puzzles. I’m actually stuck while trying to find some cloth.

I also love how the game offers multiple retro inspired screen modes. I currently use a heavy CRT effect which looks great. I noticed however when I took an actual screenSHOT that the curved display of my ultra-wide monitor cancels the effect out. I don’t notice the curvature of the screen anymore, because I’m so used to it. But looking at the picture I took made me realize the absurdity of it. We used to have bulging screen and now we have the opposite situation. I’m only waiting for ultra-wide monitors that have extra height, so that it also curves on the vertical plane.

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