Beyond a Steel Sky Utopia Edition

Now that new games get more often released for PS5 instead of PS4, there are deals to be had for existing PS4 releases. When I saw the Utopia Edition of Beyond a Steel Sky for PS4 for a 50 percent discount I just couldn’t resist getting it.

This is just the impuls I need to get back into the game. A couple of months ago I gave up and I don’t know exactly why, because I liked the game well enough. The only thing that annoyed me a bit were the hacking parts.

This release is very nice to add to my collection. Especially because the box has boxart that reminds of the black and silver boxart of the original game. I don’t particularly care about statues, but the hologram lamp is a nice touch. The art of this game is great and so is the artbook. The only gripe I have with this collection is that the soundtrack is a digital download. I would love to have a cd or even a usb stick. The advert was a bit misleading, because a cd cover is shown with small lettering indicating that it’s a digital download, which I didn’t read.

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