A BIGGER Big Red Racing

I have a big box version of Big Red Racing that I’m not especially happy with, because it’s a bit on the small side. Another fact that annoys me is that it’s the Spanish version. I have a few games that are in other languages than English, like the German edition of the Divinity Original Sin Collector’s Edition. Or the collector’s edition of Risen that’s in French. And some games in my native Dutch language, like the first Discworld game. But those are languages I can read (French only so-so, and it would be nice to have an English version instead) and Spanish I cannot. It doesn’t help that not only is the box and manual in Spanish, but the game itself as well.

To remedy that situation I bought the US version, which like most US releases is bigger than the European variant. It also has the annoying design of most US releases that it opens on the top and bottom instead of the separate box and coverlid affair that is most common in Europe. But I’m very pleased with it. The colors on the side are slightly faded, but otherwise it looks very nice. I’m looking forward to playing it on my Windows 98 box.

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