Those big-hearted people in Athanor 2 killed me!

That’s because I stole something. In most point and click adventure games you have to take everything that is lying about. It is even something that most manuals advise you to do. That always struck me as a bit odd. Why would you take everything you see with you, just in case you would encounter a problem that would require you to have a particular item. Wouldn’t it make more sense to remember all the items you encounter and go back to use them? Wouldn’t a more appropriate advice in a manual be to remember everything you see instead of picking everything up and carry it with you?

Well in Athanor 2 you can get punished for taking everything you see with you. In my case I got killed for it. I think. I got a message that my quest had ended and was shown a picture of a skull. I always wonder why they show you that? Sure, it is an easy way to depict that you have died, but when you die, you don’t suddenly turn into a skeleton right? Maybe those big-hearted people in Athanor 2 are actually cannibals that skin you and boil the flesh of your bones or something. Yuck! That skull did remind me once again of Ultima Underworld though.

Anyway, that event ended my play session for this evening. I was feeling mighty stuck again. And there aren’t many clues floating around the Internet, because it’s such an obscure game. This is what it must have been like in the pre internet era.

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