All Epic Pinball tables on one CD

I used to love playing pinball games on my computers. From Night Mission to David’s Midnight Magic on my Commodore 64 to Pinball Dreams and Fantasies on my Amiga to Epic Pinball on my DOS PC. At one time, I wanted to collect all the physical releases of all different tables of Epic Pinball. But not long after I got Enigma, I realized that only a few tables had seen such releases. And those were not among the ones I liked the most. Those being Android and Pot of Gold. So, while I kept a search out for a release of a collection with all the tables, the results that turned up haven’t been such that I wanted to spring for one of them. That’s why, when I saw a CD with all the tables for very cheap, I decided to pick that up.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really know why I have stopped playing computer pinball games after Epic Pinball. I know about the existence of newer pinball games, but I have just never felt the urge to play them. The only reason I can think off is that when the games became too realistic, it stopped being fun for me. I’ve never been interested in playing real pinball machines and I guess the only attraction computer pinball games had for me, was when they were more computer games than pinball games.

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