Ugliest game box

I completed a trilogy (sort of) with Lands of Lore III. Sort of, because Lands of Lore part I is a white label edition. It would be nice to have the original release sometimes. Now to actually play them. But that will probably only happen after I get and play through the Eye of the Beholder series, which I need to (re)acquire first.

I bought the second part of The Legend of Kyrandia series. Hand of Fate probably has the ugliest box art of all the games that I have. I am looking forward to playing this however.

I also started collecting a new series: Epic Pinball. I remember playing this on PC back in the days. And although it couldn’t live up to Pinball Fantasies on the Amiga, I had some fun with it. I know that there is a complete collection, but it would be much cooler if I had some of the single tables in a separate box. I started with Enigma. I would also like to have Android and Pot of Gold. There are only sellers from the U.S. so I probably won’t be having those anytime soon.

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